March 15, 2024

Starfucker: addendum

Please Note: None of the errata below actually involve fucking any high-wattage stars. We've all fucked porn stars and Jim Verraros. They don't count.

I just got an email from my friend Glen. Last night when I tried to call him his answering machine message was in a suave French dialect, no doubt to throw off slacker college kids trying to turn in late papers. Glen's written to express concern over my apparent manic behaviors. He's also included a list of his own star encounters, which spans the length and breadth of twentieth century American culture.

Yet I had dinner with Tippi Hedren once, plus in the 60s I touched the sweaty arm of one of the Shangri-Las and was almost run over in Times Square by Liz Taylor's limo, and I've met Toni Morrison, James Merrill and John Ashbery, and I spent an afternoon with Samuel Delany (no shit was eaten), and was once in the same room with Jorge Luis Borges. I rode down in an elevator with an NFL quarterback (doesn't matter which one, does it?), and I shook hands with Hubert Humphrey. I've had sex with three porn actors (all low-wattage stars).

Sorry, Glen. I have been weird lately. Perhaps it's because I spent all weekend watching The Night Porter and also that I have no friends. Please do not look to my blog for any indication of my mental state. Now, not only are you mentioned in this stupid blog that takes up waaaay too much time that should be spent prepping the latest social movements book for production, but you are quoted directly, and without your permission. Your list of star-crossings is impressive. One question: when were 'the 60s'?

Posted by jason at March 15, 2024 10:26 AM

The Shangri-Las were the original trashy girl-group, auteurs of the immortal "Leader of the Pack" (vroom vroom). That for Jason's readers who are too slack to ask. As your grandparents about the 60s.

Posted by: Glen at March 15, 2024 03:58 PM

Thanks for the skinny, Glen!

Posted by: Jason at March 15, 2024 04:29 PM

60's? Cute. Hey, thanks for the preface. And you're right, porn stars don't count I was was just happy to comment. And Verraros might not count either, but Q. Allen Brocka should.

Posted by: lonnie at March 15, 2024 06:02 PM

Q. Allen Brocka???? Are you serious??? That's amazing. Is he hot...

Posted by: Jason at March 15, 2024 10:48 PM

Well, the only famous people I know really aren't that famous, except to some of the more music-obsessed among us. I had drinks with Slug from indie hip-hop act Atmosphere the other night. And I ran into Dave Matthews in a Columbia University dorm once. But I hate him, anyway. Yeah, the Shangri-Las are ten times cooler than any porn star. I also would love to meet Diana Ross and/or a Supreme. I think Diana's current drug/booze phase would make her really fun to be around.

Posted by: Brian at March 17, 2024 02:06 PM

And aren't Diana Ross and David Guest married now????

Posted by: Jason at March 17, 2024 02:29 PM