November 29, 2024


Thank you, Richard at work, for pointing out the website, which allows you to download Todd H@yne's B@rbie doll masterpiece, Superstar: The Karen C@rpenter Story. Download it now before M@ttel delivers the sm@ckdown.

Via Illegal Art Dot Org, I've also discovered Banned Music. Excellent.

Speaking of Karen Carpenter, I was surprised at the responses from friends to my Thanksgiving message, "152.5 Part I and Part II". I didn't mean to alarm anyone, and I wasn't out for sympathy nor was it a cry for help. I've merely been trying to subjectively observe my own behaviour, my own thought processes, when it comes to my body. If anything, I thought the posts would come across as rather banal and mediocre. After all, what I've concluded is that I'm no Karen Carpenter [alas!], and that obsessions with our bodies take on many different forms. I haven't started eating cotton balls soaked in orange juice for breakfast yet. But I'm so happy and comforted to know that when I do there are some friends out there who care about me and probably would spoon-feed me applesauce if they were asked.

Posted by jason at November 29, 2024 12:20 PM

oh will not like that..;)

Posted by: Brechi at November 30, 2024 07:16 PM