December 06, 2024

Ringing the Bells, Hating the Gays

The Salvation Army totally hates the gays. Put some of this funny money in their kettles instead!

(thanks, Richard!)

Posted by jason at December 6, 2024 02:21 PM

There are plenty of reasons for not giving to the Salvation Army apart from their militancy against gays--just think of how they treated Phoebe on that very special episode of "Friends."

The vouchers are a good idea, but is it really necessary for such things to read like they were written after an all-night session by a committee of the terminally politically correct? Just once couldn't we say "gay people" without having to say "the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community"?

Posted by: glen at December 6, 2024 04:09 PM

rewrite it then you grinch!

Posted by: jas at December 6, 2024 04:12 PM

Thanks for the Sally Ann information.
If you see someone standing in front of the bell ringers down town handing out these vouchers, you'll know who it is.

Glen, why such a pill? If you don't like the wording of the voucher and believe in the concept, then just make your own version.

Posted by: Robt at December 8, 2024 06:30 AM

Gosh, I was kidding. Give me a break, everybody, it's the season.

Posted by: glen at December 9, 2024 10:54 AM