December 07, 2024

In Retrospect...

It's 11 pm. I'm eating hommus and crackers. The package spells it "homos." I just looked back over the post I wrote the other day, in which I recount starting to cry on the #17 bus along Nicollett Avenue while listening to a Belle & Sebastian song. Whoo! Sorry 'bout that. Was pretty melodramatic. A friend of mine was like, "I tried to call you..." Really, I'm fine. The weird thing was, I started crying not for any particular reason. Perhaps I was a bit worn down by fatigue, not quite awake. It was quite inexplicable. A particular song, a tender, (overwrought, perhaps) set of lyrics. Inexplicable! My list was inadequate--I meant it to be so. I guess I got a bit teary-eyed simply can I put it? For the lifeness of life sometimes. When it seems to bulge, and fill up with itself.

Oh--look at me, here I go again. No wait it's just the chilies in the homos I'm eating.

Speaking of song lyrics, can I bitch about work for a minute? This one particular academic is giving me a headache. He's trying to include scores of a Creed song in his essay along with a quotation of half the song. Creed! Hello! You can't do that. He says he didn't know he had to get permission. Let me ask you folks something--when was it in your college careers that you learned that it was not okay to copy other peoples' work--be it song lyrics, poetry, or photography? Freshman comp? Thought so. And this guy has tenure, no doubt. Also, boxes of candies from vendors have started to arrive for the folks in production for Christmas. Once, just once, I'd like an author to send me a yule log or a candy cane with a note saying, "Thanks for inserting all those hard tabs" or "thanks for cutting my Creed lyrics so I don't get sued." Just once. Okay, end of the rant.

Really, I'm fine. This blog serves a few different purposes for me, and one of them is to get certain things off my chest so that other, more important, less self-absorbed, less melodramatic things can sit on my chest and be written about. Perhaps that's why no one links to me. But seriously, this homos is quite tasty.

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Posted by jason at December 7, 2024 11:25 PM

Nothing tastes as good as homos. Not even hummus.

Posted by: glen at December 8, 2024 01:07 PM