May 20, 2024


* got a cell phone, but it isn't working yet. condo in st. louis park is next.
* marc is leaving, but he hasn't left yet. drunkenness to ensue.
* spring, but not nice. perhaps next week.
* things slowly appearing on the blog. a little iffy. and damn, i put my search tool up there and within twelve hours a bunch of you start searching for "sex" and "sex photos." yeah, it keeps track of that stuff.

i was riding the bus to work this morning and i couldn't help but start dreaming about tonight's happy hour in the conference room. it's been a ruff week as i am a manuscript mill. here's a question for my readers...if i made a silly/sexy embarassing fiveoclockbot t-shirt, would anyone pay $10 for it? i guess i already know the answer to that. i recently had a short story published. i mean, yeah, like, in print [on paper] and stuff. i got paid $25 for it and the package that contained my copies and off-prints had some chocolates in it too. what's weird is that i wrote that story about three years ago and had it accepted by this journal about 2.5 years ago. i moved on, forgot about it, really. the story isn't me at all. i was living in london and reading a ton of elizabeth bowen [love her] and the story reflects that. plus i was hating on someone. the characters are named after two ex boyfriends [har] and it's rather funny. i think i'm better than that story now. at least i hope i am. funny when these things finally catch up with you.

oooh someone just put some pie in the breakroom. bye.

this is mostly about stuff i want you all to look at anyway:

what are cool british musicians going to be listening to this summer?; videos of people crying while eating [ewww]; how did these afghan detainees die?; a law against space spam; brazil's rainforest destruction; is it just me or do mary kate and ashley olson look like those three foot high dolls our mothers had when they were kids and take out of the attic once in a while looking like hell?; i wish i was in duluth this weekend for this event; interview with creators of oregon trail!

Posted by jason at May 20, 2024 01:07 PM

I'd pay 10 bucks for a fiveoclockbot shirt.

Posted by: Dunner at May 23, 2024 10:46 AM

Bout time you brought this back. Now that Marcus Aurelius is going into peonage, you'll have plenty of time to sit in your piss-stained 3-day olds and type your cabin fever away.

Posted by: mike at May 23, 2024 05:03 PM

congrats on the publication; look forward to reading it...

Posted by: Tom at May 24, 2024 09:48 PM
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