May 27, 2024

Sexy spring

My friend Stephen is in town this weekend for Sexy Spring II, a DIY homegrown sexual education conference. He's an artist who will be speaking about his latest project which involves sex work in San Diego and Tijuana. We stayed up late the other night drinking gin highballs and looking at the videos and slides of his inflatable chambers. He'll be taking part in a panel on perspectives on sex work:

Robin Hustle has been studying the connections between HIV and prostitution. Stephen Remington has been doing academic, artistic, performative and experiential exploration of sex work particularly in the San Diego - Tijuana sex trade. Rebecca Rand was a Madame in Minneapolis for years and has gotten the run-around from the "justice system." Join these and other panelists to gain some insights on sex work. This semi-closed panel will most likely be co-facilitated by Darla and Talia. Everyone will be welcome to share personal experiences and opinions on the topic.

Other panels include a workshop on homemade sex toys, perspectives on polymorphous relationships, self defense, body-positive parenting, and alternatives to abstinence-only approaches to safe sex.

These sorts of events are pretty fucking necessary--I'm instantly in love with any community that puts itself in opposition to corporate-sponsored Pride events, Good Gays, and monogamous homosexuality. And in an era when facts about HIV and sexually-transmitted diseases are excised from government publications, when sex education materials provided to kids are riddled with errors and fundamentalist notions of gender roles, and public health organizations are attacked for speaking to at-risk young queers in their own language, a conference like Sexy Spring is most welcome. I hope folks bring their kids.

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