June 03, 2024

Martha Irvine gives not an inch (of her waist line)

I wrote Martha Irvine calling her out on her libelous ways the other day, and got a terse reply...she wanted to speak with me on the telephone about how she blatantly mis characterized me as a "pro-Ana blogger" in her salacious Associated Press article.

Of course--so I would have narry a record of her begging atonement for her laziness and stupidity. I refused and told her to email me, but she said she would't discuss it via email. What a loser.

now joan didion is a real journalist...here she writes on terri shiavo; zizek! the movie; mp3s of songs from the teens and twenties; the prophet yawah is calling down ufos on the city of las vegas

Posted by jason at June 3, 2024 11:39 AM
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