June 15, 2024

Summer lite

I'll be traveling for the next days...filthydelphia and new york city, which I haven't been to since 1999, when I was 20, which basically means I've never been to it. Marc moved to Brooklyn a few weeks ago, and then there's cute Tim as well, who lives a few stops south of Marc. Tim will be joining me in filthydelphia on my last night, making it even filthier I'm sure and proving an awesome antidote for the conference I'll be attending.

There's something I'll need to do in New York City, which is buy an item at Tiffany's to replace the one the muggers stole when they knocked me off my bike a couple summers ago. Other than that, I hope to wander, write, look at art. Any under-the-radar events you folks want to alert me to?

Oh, also gonna haul Marc's ass to The Cock. And sell it.

Blogging may be lite. But it has been lately, anyway. There are things I want to write about but I'm censoring myself because of the folks out there I know read this. Sometimes I wish this was perfectly anonymous, so I could dish and be dirty 24/7. But chances are, even if I were to veil the stories I'd like to tell, the principals would still recognize themselves; you'd recognize them. How should I navigate this? I'm still trying to answer that for myself.


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Did you know that you are missing?


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