July 14, 2024

Do you live in a rape zone?

According to Fox 9 News, I live in a rape zone!

What's a rape zone? Oh, just something Fox 9 investigators made up after looking at some police department maps...

Using computer crime tracking technology, the FOX 9 INVESTIGATORS identified a half-dozen rape zones in the City of Minneapolis, areas where there appear to be a cluster of rape cases.

I happen to live in one of these zones...
- WHITTIER NEIGHBORHOOD: Just off Franklin Street, between Garfield and Grand, there is a cluster of 7 rapes in six blocks, all within 18 months.


We used to say, "It's not Grand, but it's Pleasant" or "Whittier is just prettier." Now we'll be saying, "Welcome to the Whittier Rape Zone."

Thanks, Trish Van Pilsum...you've given me a lot to think about when I try to fall asleep tonight.

Posted by jason at July 14, 2024 12:13 PM

Trish van Pilsum? How much do you want to bet that her birth name was LucyBell Mae Snopes?

Fox News is a Blotz on your community. Get it? hahaha

Posted by: glen at July 14, 2024 12:56 PM
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