July 18, 2024

Please ocean cloud / Let there be no storm for the crossing below...

I had a physical today. And then got very slow and a little depressed at a coffeeshop. You know what its like to suddenly rediscover a song for the first time, a song buried near the end of an album that you've never really listened to before and suddenly the words hit you and you are repeating it over and over again all night long.

It was "Summer on the Westhill" by Kings of Convenience. Puts me in a mood for traveling. Some apex broke on our backs overnight, the streak of ninety degree days collapsing into some puffs of wind that cooled the bedroom finally. Year tilting down now, summer speeding up and dusky movies in the park. I dream about Greece or Two Harbors, London or Scotland. I think of the poetry of Elizabeth Bowen, one of my favorite novels, Morvern Callar, autumn in Buenos Aires, Rule of the Bone, London buses, especially ones that begin with "N". Something has put me in a mood to just leave.

Of course I won't.

he brakes for midgets; i'm glad you decided not to kill your baby; how to poach an egg; i liked his stories until i realized how young he was; finally, an adoption policy that makes sense; i met my boyfriend at walmart!

Posted by jason at July 18, 2024 10:56 PM
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