July 25, 2024

Pain Killer

Just got back from the Turin Brakes concert at The Ascot Room. It was their first time in Minneapolis, and we fuckin rocked them with our small but dedicated fan base. A tropical downpour blew through on my way downtown, and it was all "summer rain dribbling down your face again." Olly Knights looked hot with his late 90s Hoxton Fin but I have to say with his baby Aslan look I totally wanted to love him like a brother would, except carnally, and while he was singing, I swear, I swear he was looking at me like I was his muse or something. We kept locking eyes, even when he was singing that song about the morning after pill.

That band was certainly my muse, back when I was living in London and trying to write. Trying to write for me most often pacing around my tiny monk's room until I was so hopped up on coffee...I often was out wandering the streets until three or four or five in the morning. Many nights I ended up at Bloomsbury Square, which at the time was this very intense cruising area. After midnight the paths would fill with dozens of men sucking each other off and fucking. Sometimes an opera singer. And sometimes a knife fight. But mostly just guys walking around, looking for action. I'd be out, hands in pockets, not really doing anything until the very end. And then I'd skip south down the Shaftesbury Avenue to Trafalgar Square, where I caught an N2 bus past Westminster, Lambeth, Oval, Stockwell, and finally to Brixton, where the Effra River trickled under my flat.

So I'd finagle a seat on the top of the double decker, right up front by the windows so I could watch the whole city swimming by, and the first planes from Heathrow taking off, and some sort of hint of a gold on The Thames. I'd always have Turin Brakes (among others) playing in my ear...

the president has an obsession with exercise that borders on the creepy; when a sweet little southern girl queefed the melody of don't cry for me argentina; the merchants of cool; hi! i'm your son billy from the future! i'm a dwarf & enjoy golden showers; so that's where the keyboard cleaner has been going at work...; please don't tell anyone about my trust fund

Posted by jason at July 25, 2024 11:37 PM

Jonathan Chait's article does seem a bit nitpicky. Not that Bush shouldn't be busier with other things, but I disagree with Chait's observation that there is no connection between exercise and being mentally awake. Bordering on the creepy? What's creepy is Bush's lack of priorities. I guess what the article reinforces to me is that Bush doesn't have much to do because other people are doing all the work. But, it's this kind of off-target criticism that gives ultra-conservatives fodder to throw back.

Posted by: Mike at July 26, 2024 07:45 AM
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