September 06, 2024

Rotting matter

My feelings about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, like most, have crystallized into a sort of raw equilibrium...whenever Bush & Co. come on screen to deliver some sort of halting, incoherent, puny attempt at solace, I want to puke. And whenever another story--and there are thousands--emerges about an elderly woman who drowned in a nursing home, a young girl raped at an ill-equipped shelter, an infant baby separated from her mother, I want to cry. The greatest natural disaster in U.S. history has become our darkest hour, our most embarassing fuck-up. Bush should be impeached, the directors of Homeland Security and FEMA should be fired and flogged. As Steve Bell writes in a Guardian cartoon...Bush, thou art weighed in the balances and art found wanting.

The administration flounders...

All this while...

  • Olbermann rants about the government's failings, summed up in Cherthoff's line, "Louisiana is a city that is largely underwater"

  • Celine Dion keeps singing

  • Mary Landrieu threatens to punch Bush before breaking down in tears at the sight of one puny steamshovel attempting to breach a massive levee breach

  • Parish President Broussard breaks down recounting the story of an elderly woman who drowned in her nursing home after waiting for help for four days

What an absolute disgrace.

Posted by jason at September 6, 2024 12:22 PM
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