October 03, 2024

Tooting my own horn

Hey everyone, pick up a copy of the latest issue of The Rake...I have a little brief piece published in The Rakish Angle section on Twin Cities ley lines...

Also, a short story in the latest issue of Spout, published by local indie pub mavericks Spout Press. It's called "Working in Shoes" and its inspired by this hottie named Ben Hannah who worked in the shoe department at Marshall Fields and got harassed by gay foot fetishists all the time.

Yay I'm a writer for the day!

omg omg omg harriet mier's blog!!!!!; this just looks sad; happy birthday eleventh avenue south; the birth of beat; ungoogleables

Posted by jason at October 3, 2024 04:31 PM

Thanks Jason! And Harriet's blog is fucking hilarious. "Guess why this salad tastes super good today? Because I'm gonna be on the Supreme Court!" - Harriet Mier

Posted by: Andy at October 3, 2024 08:25 PM
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