October 09, 2024

Dandy birthday

I love to share my photos with you!

I invited friends to the 19 Bar last night to buy me drinks--after all, my birthday was last week. We had some fun and I took some photos.


Brian, Shanai, and Katie.


This cutie is named Ryan; he was visiting town from Iowa. I love boys from Iowa because they are so wholesome. He came with Addy, author of addyfree. It was the first time we've met, even though he's been living in mpls for a month or so. I had given him an ultimatum, which was that he had to show up and meet me and my incredibly intimidating friends or else. And he totally came through. High caliber.


This is Ben. His body language could be saying, "Please, no more photos." Or it could be saying, "Look at my chrome knuckles." Not sure.


Tom, me, and Katie.


Ben and me.


Jessica's hair is so beautiful it inspires trichophagia.


I dream of cutting off all of Jessica's hair while she sleeps and making for myself a dandy wig to wear at my foppish parlour parties.


This person is a local cable access star!



I hate public art!

Thanks everyone--fun birthday!

Posted by jason at October 9, 2024 10:30 AM

Is it Norma Desmond?...No it's Neil from Drinking With Ian!

Posted by: Neil at October 11, 2024 09:48 PM

Crazy, that's totally MY friend Tom!

Posted by: grid at October 18, 2024 12:04 PM

Are you seriously this lame.....and ugly? You are such a a pathetic fag....kidding...

Posted by: Rocco at October 27, 2024 03:27 PM
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