November 01, 2024


I need some advice from you well-informed readers. After seeing the movie Capote last night with a friend, I suddenly have a strong desire to read about the Leopold and Loeb trial. Can anyone recommend one or two good titles on the subject? And I know many of you are Lutherans. Can someone recommend a good, engaging biography of Martin Luther? I want something that details his personal life as well as his theology. Thanks. And by the way, having slept on it my main criticism of the movie has to do with the ending, in which an implicit connection is drawn between Capote's somewhat conflicted feelings toward the murderer (guilt at having exploited him, hastening his execution, etc.) and his subsequent demise from alcoholism. Is there anything wrong with him being just an unconflicted lush? Of course that just isn't filmic.

Posted by jason at November 1, 2024 09:53 AM
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