November 04, 2024


Last night in a quiet fit of loneliness I called The Secret. Cell phone disconnected. Has his driver whisked him off to an undisclosed location? Has he gone back to live in Switzerland? Did Rita wash away his Galveston condos? If he is in town, I'll know I can still find him at The Saloon on 18+ nights. I won't go there yet though.

I am about to get tested. Heady times.

The latest blog meme for bloggers who have nothing to say: Google "[your name] needs..." and see what comes up...

1. Why Jason needs a Pismo
2. Jason needs your micro-cash
3. Jason needs to SHUT UP
4. Jason needs your help
5. Jason needs a helper for Brooklyn Distro Route
6. Jason needs a new job
7. Jason needs some people to sweep up after hours
8. Jason needs to carry a pitchfork
9. Jason needs a real woman, not a little girl
10. Jason needs to die

Happy birthday, Marc!

Posted by jason at November 4, 2024 02:51 PM

Jason needs to get over The Secret, or at least stop talking about him.

Posted by: glen at November 4, 2024 09:54 PM
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