November 27, 2024

Recurring dreams

Lately I've noticed a particular image recurring throughout the dreams I've been having. Loose teeth. Often the dream begins, runs its particular, convoluted course, and ends with a jiggling molar, empty gums gushing blood, incisors being ripped out. Just this afternoon I was napping and in the dream I went to my mother to complain about a loose tooth. She recommended trying to glue it in place. Suddenly, the tooth became snagged on something, on my underbite or another tooth, and the dream switched quickly--I was now dreaming that I was waking up from the dream and slowly pulling my tooth out, painfully, as my head rose from the pillow. I sat up in bed and quickly checked each tooth but they were fine.

So, I consult a myriad of online websites that offer their interpretations...

Ask the DreamDoctor has this to say:

The last dream leaves more room for symbolic interpretation. Is Sandra’s dream related to changes in her life - and accordingly to “losing” parts of herself? Is she dealing with issues now that involve cleansing or letting go of things that no longer are useful to her? Conversely, is she being forced to let go of parts of her life that really are useful to her, but over which she has no control? Is the dream a metaphor for an increasing sense of powerlessness? Does it suggest a loss of beauty or physical attractiveness? Should Sandra simply visit a dentist?
and Dreamschool tells me I need to learn new skills:
This dream is telling you that the way you used to receive knowledge will no longer work for you in the present. You need new tools to assimilate. This may mean learning a new skill like computer programming or competitive swimming or concentration and visualization. As your mind expands, old ways of learning will be outgrown and new ways brought under your command.
Swoon offers a more creative interpretation:
loose teeth are a warning of untrustworthy friends; if they fell out or you spit them out, it is a sign of a season of financial reverses;
And Carol Adrienne takes time out from counseling people who have had out of body experiences to tell me I need to stand up for myself:
Another recurring dream is loose teeth and teeth falling out. Our teeth are symbols of our personal power, so these dreams often relate to control and power issues.

All I can say is, damn relativism!

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