December 07, 2024

Dream Killer

I made this t-shirt for my friend Marc as a way to commemorate the phrases those little gossipy queens at the deli counter down the street tend to dream up--I thought, why not wear the label your ex gave you like a badge? A warrior of rationality, that's what he is. dreamkiller_12_05

But apparently the label applies to me as well. Unintentionally, I hope...I'm just on the bad side of two people trying to chart out a path for themselves, taking into account the practical factors like geography but also those other things we're scanning the ground for like its a scavenger hunt, things you might write into your could be hokey and call them dreams. And I try my best to be honest, at once aware of the possibilities available to certain of us to create our own relationships that work, seemingly out of thin air, while realizing that no one is ever at the same place and no arrangement, even the ones that work, stays static. So, a beautiful boy, who I adore and who brightens up my rooms and makes me smile and whom I want to smother in kisses just wants to be loved the way he wants to be loved, and I can't go there. But it's not like I'm not looking for the same thing.

Posted by jason at December 7, 2024 01:54 AM

A t-shirt with a label provided by one's ex?

That gives me lots of choices:
"control freak"
"go fuck yourself"
"chicken hawk"

Maybe the last one. Otherwise, not the best idea Jason ever came up with.

Posted by: glen at December 7, 2024 11:32 AM

Umm, well, not the best idea for YOU...Your labels are uncreative and embarrassing.

Posted by: jason at December 7, 2024 11:36 AM
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