December 29, 2024

A shitty week

Isn't this the shittiest week? Sandwiched between two shitty holidays of forced merriment and good will, the offices are half empty and we're all feeling fat and the buildings look like skulls in the bad lighting we're stuck with just after the solstice.

And no matter how carefully I avoid radios and waiting in lines under piped in music I can't escape that fucking Counting Crows song.

bittorrent: south park bloody mary episode; top twenty minnesota albums of the year; the kkk and anti-gay zealots join forces in iowa; i am so sick of coach; why is gay marriage so boring in britain; dennis cooper writes a poem; interview with deb olin unferth; foofookittywavs

Posted by jason at December 29, 2024 10:27 PM
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