February 16, 2006

Golden Girls, second season, disc one, episode two

The second episode of the second season has been the best one so far, surpassing even the episode where Dorothy and Rose try to raise and mate minks, or the episode where Blanche thinks she's pregnant when really it's The Change.

Blanche wins three tickets to a celebrity event that will be attended by none other than Burt Reynolds, along with Dom Deloise, John Forsythe, and Lonnie Anderson. The gals decide to make a weekend of it (their Miami rambler being fumigated for termites) and Blanche puts them up in a cheap hotel on the beach.

While having a drink in the hotel bar, Blanche, dressed as a mermaid, realizes that all the men are looking at her. We are made aware that Blanche has put the gals in a whorehouse, a room-by-the-hour kind of place, and then men hanging out in the bar think they've stumbled across a trio of GILFs.


Double-entendre ensues before the police raid the establishment and our heroes are detained! Their evening with Burt Reynolds appears to be in jeopardy!

Dorothy attempts to talk the detective into letting them out by offering to take him into a room to explain things. "I'm married!" the cop exclaims!


The woman are locked up with the rest of the whores and after Rose returns to the cell from having her vagina searched for contraband, a fight almost breaks out.


Dorothy steps in and says, "But I'm warnin' ya. I did time in Attica."
"Attica's a men's prison."
"I know, I was there a year before they found out."


Rose counsels a young prostitute from another small Minnesota town.



Sophia comes to bail them out, but ends up stealing a ticket from Blanche's hand from between the bars--cawing to the sky, she leaves them sitting in jail to go party it up with Burt Reynolds.


At the end of the episode, Burt shows up to take Sophia out to lunch. He looks at the three women standing enraptured and asks Sophia, "Which one's the slut?"

All three women raise their hand!

Posted by jason at February 16, 2006 02:12 AM

Can I come over and watch it? Aww, I used to watch the Golden Girls when I was but a wee Addy.

Posted by: Addy at February 16, 2006 10:37 AM

Congratulations on moving one step closer to becomming the web's ultimate authority on everything Golden. How many more episodes to recap then? Love the screen grabs.

Are you taking liberties with the bit about probing Rose's vagina for contraband?

Posted by: Dave at February 16, 2006 06:05 PM
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