March 11, 2006

Back in town

After six days in Vancouver and four more in Chicago, I'm back in Minneapolis, exhausted and partly brain-dead. I've been working for almost ten days straight and traversing across hotel lobbies and airport terminals constantly.

At the outset, I always find travel exciting--perhaps because I do it so rarely for work, with its per diems and sense of responsibility. I look forward to the anonymous hotel rooms, somewhat sexy, the strange architectures of new cities, the uninhibited hotel bar. But after a few days I find myself becoming as personless as my surroundings, choosing to remain silent while the television's cable stations talk for me, opting for overpriced room service, etc. I stop reading and writing and float in some autopilot purgatory, 'on' during the day when I need to be and on stand-by at the end of the day.

That changed when I got to Chicago somewhat, as my good friend Mike picked me up from the Palmer House Hilton and we had some beers at the Rainbo Club and I could finally talk to someone and say 'shit' and 'fuck' and we could make each other laugh.

But the days on the road have worn me down a bit. I am so sick of restaurant food and french fries and beer and I am so sick of walking quickly through miles of airport to try and make a flight. I am so sick of the cable shows I watched in whatever city I happened to be in (my favorites were this and this), and I just want to be home.

Now I'm sitting around in this ugly brown barren neighborhood in south Minneapolis and they're drilling in the apartment below me and I am reminded that I need to move soon and I have no clean clothes and my milk's gone sour and I kinda wish I was back in that Sheraton in Vancouver, looking out a wall of windows from twenty stories high at the mountains, neither here nor there.

Posted by jason at March 11, 2006 11:58 AM

I've seen Dog. It's every bit as amazing as you'd expect it to be, given the premise.

Gosh, I'd like to go and pick up some hot girls with you but Brothers is pretty tragic.. we'll have to find some place cool.

Also: you should be at Andy and Ryan's party Saturday.

Posted by: jeff at March 15, 2006 09:48 PM
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