March 27, 2006

Things you throw away when you move: batch #1, old lotions


These are bottles of after sun skin care products, which one can purchase cheaply from any Sainsbury's or Morrison's or Boots in the United Kingdom. When I was dating D, we made a couple great trips to Greece...once to the island of Crete where we rented a car and explored remote corners of the island, and once to Athens and mainland Greece for two weeks...again, ten days on the road. And days and days in the hot sun, then checking in to lonely, half empty hotels, we would rub these aftersun lotions on ourselves to keep the sunburns down (though it didn't work in Crete and the blisters rose on my shoulders). For me, the smells of these aftersun lotions, which I brought back to Minnesota with me, have always smelled like the best summer days. To have a day that, at the end, you felt the need to rub this stuff on you, well that was a great fucking day.

But they've lost their potency and their usefulness and they've become just oversized tinctures sitting in the bathroom. They're not going to protect my skin anymore which means I keep them up on the shelf merely to take down once in a while, squeeze their plastic sides and sniff some of the perfume. That means it's time to throw them out.

Yeah, moving turns me into a maudlin little shit but hey, at least I'm throwing this shit out.

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Posted by jason at March 27, 2006 07:59 AM

Jeff said that my throwing away of shit upon graduating from college was a ruthless act of anti-sentimentalism. I miss a lot of the shit I threw away now, but can't imagine where I would have put it all of how to haul it around.

The thing I miss most was a pair of converse high tops from back in the days when I could actually get laid--they had notes from boys on them and I had worn them through on the bottom (of both of them; I just kept wearing them even with the holes).

On breakfast though, we still go to the Modern Cafe the most for breakfast and we always get there just before the rush. We tend to vary in our arrival times and days of the weekend so much though, that I can't give a predictive suggestion as to when it isn't busy. Super tasty though. Come with sometime?

Posted by: Addymal at March 27, 2006 11:27 AM

Breakfast Link

Posted by: Joh at March 28, 2006 10:03 PM
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