Saint Thomas Boy
Friday, October 29, 2024

Welcome To (A Glimpse) Of My Life
Hello there. This is my first blog post ever. I've decided to guest blog on this site. I'm not certain I have enough to say to start my own blog. So be ready to read things from me here. My story is basically this. I'm from a very big Conservative Midwestern family. My family goes to church every Sunday. I think we only missed one Sunday growing up. When we went on vacations we would attend a church, in that town, that was recommended to us. My parents, mostly my mother, are very active in the church community. Growing up I didn't see a problem with this. I enjoyed church. I loved everyone around me. All of my friends were churchgoers. When I was younger I wanted to be a youth pastor, that was my dream. When I reached my later teen years I discovered something about myself, that I hadn't taken the time to notice before. That discovery would take me farther from God. I discovered that I am attracted to men, that I'm at least bisexual. This discovery goes against everything I was taught to believe. I remember my mother telling me that gays are "evil", from an early age. For me to discover that I'm "evil" has been a hard step for me. I'm not certain where my beliefs in God are going to go from here. J and I are very happy together. He makes me smile everyday. I enjoy being around him. At times, I'm scared for us. I'm scared because my mother is politically active. She has pushed for legislation in the state of Minnesota that would alter the state's Constitution defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman. I'm also scared because my mother is friends with many anti gay people. She also supports reparative therapy for homosexuals. I also enjoy sports. I'm a natural jokester. I consider myself athletic, but I can't throw a basketball for shit! My favorite food is a big cold one and pizza. And yes I'm a Republican. There's more to come. I'm just not good at writing. If you want to reach me you can leave a comment here or email me.
Good Day.