May 29, 2024

Walking by the Mississippi and through campus


According to a damaged plaque at it's base, this is the oldest tree in Minneapolis! franklin1riverripplecourtyard

Brian points to his old dorm window.


Stopping off for two-fers.


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May 15, 2024

Brian's Graduation Party

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May 10, 2024


Early spring in Chicago. Hot dogs, bikes, sun, and empty porno palaces. rainbo

This is what the Rainbo Club does to you! It's like a fucking David Lynch movie in there. demondogshallwaywickerparkporn1porn2porn3slappullmanjamesdean

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May 02, 2024


Took a walk after newspaper and breakfast. Snapped some photos along the railroad tracks, where factories have snuck by under the developer's eye until recently.

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Sunday Times

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