Comments: Good Friday: Maybe He'll Stay Down This Time

I love how the cynicism that seeps through the cracks of over-dinner conversation pours out unfettered in your blog.

Really, it's interesting.

But I've never seen Catholics characterized as happy.

Posted by Aaron at April 9, 2024 04:09 PM

Also, Catholics wouldn't be caught dead speaking in tongues. That's a Prosty things.

Your easter dinner sounds like a best of Minnesota cookbook. Be sure to get the recipes from your mom for me.

Posted by CPH Jones at April 10, 2024 01:55 PM

I guess Catholics aren't happy, they're just emotional ... with all that flagellation and stuff. And speaking in tongues?? hell-oh? What's all that 'Deus deus domine' crap??? That's not a real language is it???

Posted by Jason at April 11, 2024 08:27 PM