Comments: Anti-Gay Crusaders and Their Gay Kids

Vile. Disgusting. Shameful. I'm talking about the Washington Times and Out, as well as Randall Terry and Jamiel Terry.

There are classy ways of disagreeing with family. Both Jamiel and Randall chose the low-class-slut way, and the publications took advantage of it to sell their wares.

"To learn how Jamiel Terry eventually came out to his father, pick up the May issue of Out on the newsstand."


Posted by Aaron at April 16, 2024 11:37 AM

I disagree Aaron, I think that when a head of a family is the leader in an anti-gay movement of some sort, I think it's an amazingly couragous and prudent thing to speak out against them publicly or at least to make one's own sexual orientation or disagreement known.

Because the anti-gay movement is so much about "family values" I think that the high road is laying out what sort of realities the proponents of such values are coming from.

Posted by Addymal at April 19, 2024 02:15 PM