Have you been hotlinking me?

I love learning new things about how the internet works. Take hotlinking, for example. What is hotlinking? That's when some fool links to an image on your website, and places that link on their own site. When their site loads, it pulls the image off your server, taking up a portion of your bandwith.

Damn those Domlijah fans!!!! An amazing amount of bandwith was being used up, but I wasn't getting the hits to back it up. I realized some poops were stealing images like this one off my website. Naughties! It had to be stopped.

Now, there's two ways of stopping folks from hotlinking you, both of which involve tweaking with your .htaccess file. You can put in a code that prevents the images from loading, or you can substitute the images hotlinked with another default image. Oh, imagine the fun!
My web server is handy and smart: it allows me to track back to people who link to my site on a regular basis. Josh Hartnett, I know you visit me like, everyday!

Here's a naughty little hotlinker, [email protected]. She's taken a .gif of Elijah Wood off my website and made her background! Where are her manners?

But by tweaking my code a bit, this is what her website looks like now! Elijah looks right at home, doesn't he?
Moral of the story: hotlinking isn't nice. But hotlinkers are fun to fuck with.