June 13, 2024

Podcasting: Reading blogs so you don't have to

I'm proud to introduce to you a new addition to fiveoclockbot.com! Podcasts!

I know, lame. But so are most of the blogs out there. Who has the time to read them? You all have more important things to do! That's why I'm introducing:

Each week, I'll be delivering to you, my stunning and deserving readers, a dramatic reading of a super fantastic faggot blog entry, interpreted by my fabulous friend Marc.

I fucking love my little Marc. Not only is he hot as hell, with his mop of red hair that will fucking burn your pubes off (if he doesn't febreeze your skank ass out of bed first), but he is living in New York City now and he's suddenly HOT SHIT, with publishing houses and theaters all breaking down his door just to suck his dick. He's got a rooftop view of the skyline to sip his cosmos to and a bevy of impressionable young college interns to wank him off inside the box office, and a hot shirt I made for him that makes old men at The Cock touch him.

This is a photo of my friend Marc. I know what you're thinking. "Awwww, doesn't Marc look like he's a dreamer?" Well, he's not...He's just bored with me--and with you!

He's so over us and that's why I love him. But now that he's some NYC Broadway Queen I thought it would be apropos to snag him before his agents start demanding exorbitant fees for his precious "new york minutes."

This week, Marc channels an entry from our good friend Terry, an old alcoholic gay man in Minneapolis who publishes The Life and Times of a Middle Aged "Queer." Terry is hot as hell! When he isn't having sex with Thai dudes in Bangkok saunas, he's overeating or binge drinking at The Brass Rail on Hennepin. He's my kind of guy.

So sit back and enjoy Marc's rendition of Terry's May 9, 2024 entry...

My New Red Hair.

(if you want, you can follow along here [you may have to log in])

Posted by jason at June 13, 2024 12:50 AM

Hey, can this podcast be subscribed to in itunes, so it can go into the podcast playlist? I did a search and couldn't find it on there. Hmmm?

Posted by: Ralph McGinnis at July 1, 2024 11:26 AM
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