June 29, 2024


Over the past few weeks, I've been having premonitions of an event happening at some point in the summer or early autumn--some localized yet momentous event that will transform myself and my circle of friends here in Minneapolis. I'm not sure what the event could be, but I don't think it will be pretty for everyone involved. Big changes are coming. They will happen without warning, and spectacularly.

Posted by jason at June 29, 2024 12:33 PM

--You had had from your earliest time, as the deepest thing within you, the sense of being kept for something rare and strange, possibly prodigious and terrible, that was sooner or later to happen to you, that you had in your bones the foreboding and the conviction of, and that would perhaps overwhelm you. . . .

--to have to meet, to face, to see suddenly break out in my life, possibly destroying all further consciousness, possibly annihilating me; possibly, on the other hand, only altering everything, striking at the root of all my world and leaving me to the consequences.

Posted by: glen at June 29, 2024 10:07 PM
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