September 01, 2024

Sometimes I'm really proud of my hometown

I grew up in the Twin Ports, and back then it really didn't feel like a homofascist regime but times change, I guess. Via Andy at Eleventh Avenue South, Fred Phelps is paying another visit to the fair city of my birth, which apparently has become a swirling den of ass-licking, shit-eating faggots that would put Sodom to shame. I'm so proud.


This isn't the first time Phelps has graced Duluth/Superior with his presence...but the reason this time is the Duluth / Superior Pride Festival, which includes the most inclusive set of letters I've ever come across...GLBTQAI. So, I get Q for Questioning and A for Asexual I'm guessing the I is for Intersex. That's so cool.

On the front of Fred's flyer is a photo of Duluth mayor Herb Bergson, former Superior beat cop and mayor of Duluth's lesser twin across the bay. He's replaced the idiot homophobe Mayor Doty a few years ago and is doing a good job I gather, despite spending tax dollars organizing mass golden showers. He's done something the previous mayor never did--issue a proclamation welcoming the pride festival. Out Magazine called it the best small town pride around.

It runs this weekend--an odd time for a pride festival but a perfect excuse to take a road trip to enjoy some lovely weather up there. If you need a place to camp I'll give you my mom's address and I'm sure she wouldn't mind you taking up her back yard. What can you expect in Duluth this weekend? If Fred's flyer is any indication, expect vomit-eating, doggy behaviour, Priapus cocktails, and leper colonies.

Posted by jason at September 1, 2024 08:30 AM
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