January 09, 2006

Gay bridges of madison county

I saw Brokeback Mountain this weekend and I don't mean to sound dismissive of it but don't you think its a gay Bridges of Madison County?

I first read the short story when I lived in London. My friend Pete, keeps a whole stack of them, published in book form, in a back closet and he gives them out to people. Proulx's airy prose knocked the wind out of me and I loved that. Ugh. So bleak.

There's nothing wrong with it being our Bridges of Madison County. Frankly, I'm a sucker for bleak love stories. I've been lying awake all night ruminating on past loves. There are the ones that have run their course and the ones that were nipped in the bud for some reason...moving away, disappearing, deportation, etc. The movie has got me wondering about the potential never realized between me and blokes who have disappeared. I think I am a romantic in the sense that the unrealized love is so much more sexier, fills me up with a richer store, than the relationship that runs its course, descends into an acrid ending. Don't you agree?

Posted by jason at January 9, 2006 07:31 AM
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