April 05, 2006

Good old days

Isn't it funny how this is always at the back of my mind? The constitutional amendment in the state legislature to define marriage as between one man and one woman and cross out any other sort of legal recognition for gay couples has been nagging at the back of the mind.

I think its a pride issue. I think I'm becoming this fuddy-duddy old Minnesotan with a nostalgic view of a golden Minnesota era...Sometimes I imagine the speeches I'll give to my nephews and nieces..."Minnesota was a different place then, for one thing, we had snow..."

In any case, the amendment was voted down in committee yesterday, but its not over. Republican state legislators have a propensity for twisting rules and attaching these things to unrelated bills (any circus bills floating around out there?) and there are six other similar anti-gay marriage amendments in the mix. I like Dean Johnson's little unaware poem quoted in the Star Tribune:

"Things are not dead here until the end. They may be wounded or reconfigured, but nothing is ever dead until adjournment," he said.
Posted by jason at April 5, 2006 07:35 AM
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