June 30, 2024

Podcast: I probably hate this faggot

Speaking of New York, my guide to Big Apple faggotry was I Probably Hate You. It's written by some fat, bald, old faggot who, by the looks of him, is one of those failed Chelsea gym queens who spent g's working on his pecs only to have all that tit play in the sex club turn them into floppy udders he has to hide behind layers and layers of Hate and Bitch. I love him! He's in famous! A friend of mine was like, "he kinda looks like a washed-up Matt LeBlanc!" I was like, "No way! Matt LeBlanc will be way hotter when he's 45!!!!"

Cunts like him bring us all down but at the same time they bring me up and that's all I care about. Despite being old and bald and a chunky dumb version of an ex of mine, with bags under his eyes big enough to put my bling and fake i.d. in when we go out together, he's kind of funny in that I-wanna-gay-bash-you kind of way.

Seriously thought. He's the kind of guy that comes up to you at The Slide, face like a shit-stained condom, and is all like "bah bah bah west side club?" So It was because of his recommendation that Marc and I totes had to check out the sleaziest hole in the city: the West Side Club (New York is so goddamn lame it isn't hard to make it to the top in the sleaze department).

We didn't actually go inside though. HAHAHAHA we've got too much self respect for that shit....duh...and we're too pretty we don't have to go there to 1) make ourselves feel better 2) get some ass like some people i know...so anyway how are we going to know what old gays get up to? Marc gives a dramatic rendition of some old gay's visit to the West Side Club. Marc I know this was super fun for you but with your sweet and innocent voice no one would believe for a second you were that old Fierce Faggot.

West Side ?Sex? Club.

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Posted by jason at June 30, 2024 12:16 AM

Hey, next time email me when you come to NY!

Posted by: ralph McGinnis at June 30, 2024 01:18 PM

Mark's affectless reading nicely matches this blogger, who manages to be vacant even when he's ranting.

Oh, and Jason, your description of his looks as old, fat, and bald--you (meaning YOU) are one obsessed faggot.

Posted by: glen at June 30, 2024 03:50 PM

Perfect description of that faggot. Someone needs to fuck up that balding melon head of Rocco's. Hopefully it will be me.

Posted by: Jon at July 2, 2024 07:09 PM
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