March 18, 2024

City Pages: Get on the Bus

So, I was reading the recent City Pages last night in the Y's sauna when I came across an article on the blog contributing writer Cecile Cloutier's been maintaining on the strike. Before the sweat dripping from my forehead turned the newspaper to mush, I realized that a paragraph on how the comments section of Cecile's blog has become a forum of debate on the issue quoted a post by me:

Meanwhile, the comment section on Strike has brought the Taxpayer League types out from their caves--and prompted a response from bus riders that's a little more, well, let's say, forthright than what's been passing for debate elsewhere. "In your view it does just come down to money, doesn't it?" one transit supporter shot back. "Your money. And fuck everyone else. Fuck people who can't afford cars, fuck people who can't afford health care, fuck people who are homeless--a little extra spending money for yourself is more important, isn't it?"

One of my less articulate, but more impassioned moments. My feet were sore. But I spoke my truth, laced, as it was, with frustration at the ways some people view the world.

Posted by Jason at March 18, 2024 09:44 AM


Only you, Jason, would read a newspaper in the sauna at the Y. Everyone else is groping for cock, and Jason is reading the paper!

Posted by: CPH Jones at March 19, 2024 09:38 PM
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