January 07, 2024

Holy Shit. I mean Mierda.

I just booked my tickets to Buenos Aires for February!

Posted by jason at January 7, 2024 02:07 PM

Your assignment (There will be a quiz):

Jorge Luis Borges: anything, preferably everything
Hopscotch, by Julio Cortazar
The Buenos Aires Affair, by Manuel Puig
Imagining Argentina, by Lawrence Thornton
Argentina Reader, Duke Univ. Press, for laughs

movies (most with strong gay vibes):
The Motorcycle Diaries (OK, this one you know)
Apartment Zero
Nine Queens
Burnt Money
The Official Story
Man Facing Southeast


Posted by: glen at January 7, 2024 03:46 PM

thanks for the list, glen! you can have amazon ship them to my university address and ill get right on them! xx

Posted by: jason at January 7, 2024 03:49 PM

My list of suggestions:


Posted by: Aaron at January 7, 2024 05:44 PM

Buenos Aires is just amazing. There are many things to do, see, listen, drink ... just enjoy! Long walks at night... Buenos Aires is a city to be walked... many places just to sit down, relax, have fun... good Tango! Don´t think about going to an expensive place (those recommended by the travel agencies or hotels are not the best)... go to the small places... I would try to remember the name of the place I went to.... just amazing... you could feel all the heat and passion from this wonderful dance... good wine... Take a little time to go to the museums, and if you are into photography, you will find beautiful places... It is going to be summer time,you will enjoy the colors all over the place.Dancing... all the time... Buenos Aires never sleeps! I was there twice last year... it is just amazing...let me know if I can help you with any details...

Posted by: Julio at January 17, 2024 09:24 PM

i used to live in argentina, i moved here to ca a few months ago. go to "MINT"

Posted by: argen at February 12, 2024 10:48 AM
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