February 16, 2024

I Think I'm Going to Like Argentina

I just got this email from Katie, my porteño in Buenos Aires:

jason jason jason----

i will give you directions from the airport sometime later tonight or tomorrow. i'm so happy you asked about capris cuz i wanted to tell you to wear yours here and then i figured that was being too picky. so, everybody wears capris, bring ém. i would recommend an umbrella and a little something to wear in case it gets cold. every once in a while it gets cold--or will dip into a rainy couple days or chilly spell--but it feels like straight up argentinian summer right now. hot and sunny. oh, and your dancing shoes, i hear the boliches (clubs) are beginning to reopen. cha cha cha!

more later, katie k.

Cha Cha Cha indeed! Can't wait to break out the capris!!!!!

See also: i find your capri pants revolting!!!; the end of the album duh; clay gayken is a total top???

Posted by jason at February 16, 2024 04:10 AM
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