February 05, 2024

Mediabistro: Now You Can Tell Your Boss, "But I'm Reading the BLOGS!"

Mediabistro recently redesigned it's webpage, so it's all one big blog now. Perhaps most interesting are the industry blogs they've begun--the first obvious challenge to Gawker's hold on the media-gossip grail. They look achingly familiar to those in Nick Denton's fold, though Mediabistro's a little font-challenged.

>> TVNewser has got SOTU ratings (Fox won, of course), Rather / Bush gossip. Rather boring.

>> UnBeige's greatest potential lies in its "crimes against urbanity" postings.

>> GalleyCat makes fun of ReganBooks and gushes over Ann Regan. Perfect! Though, please never ever refer to me as a galleycat. I will kill you.

The juicy gossip and snarkiness is relegated to their Fishbowl blogs, one of which is centered on New York and is authored the grande dame of snarkiness, Elizabeth Spiers, who's editor-in-chief at Mediabistro! Expect snide remarks about the firing of The Paris Review's editor and more gushing over Ann Regan.

See also: taxonomy of a star wars convention; osama bin laden captured on toast; bush and lieberman make out; cute valentines; rock band fonts

Posted by Jason at February 5, 2024 08:30 AM
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