February 15, 2024

Crystal provides an unparalleled adrenaline rush, turns insecurity into confidence and fuels sexual appetite and desire

Kids, don't use meth, okay? Not only can it kill you just on its own, but it increases the likelihood you'll do all sorts of other things. Even lamps, apparently.

A rare strain of HIV, highly resistant to all retro-viral drugs, which appears to lead to the rapid onset of AIDS (within a couple months), was discovered in New York City last week. The man, in his 40s, and should have known better, had had unprotected sex with thousands of men while enjoying the TINA.

You would see the kids on meth at the parties in St. Louis Park. One of them kept talking about the Citiboyz porno he had just starred in. His skin was ice cold. From across the room you would see him talking to anyone that walked by, or just to himself, gesturing wildly.

Try explaining this to another culture.

Child psychologists say the love we receive as children creates our foundation. In this respect gay men are born twice. The first birth is joyous-into the arms of waiting parents. The second birth offers conflict. After announcing their sexuality to friends and family, gay men wonder if anyone will hold them at all.


Men interested in combining anonymous sex and drug use employ the acronym PNP, which stands for "Party and Play." They rarely post pictures of their faces but often put up pictures of their penises. "This focus on the body among my people," says Dagenhart, "is so damaging. There's such a focus on huge muscles and enormous cocks."

--snip --

On that night his tears flowed freely. He fled his apartment to breathe fresh air. But in the street he heard a voice. Voices spoke to him when he took crystal too. They told him he was worthless, that he'd been weighed, measured and found wanting. They also told him he was attractive-that everyone wanted him. But this voice was different. It asked him a question: "Have you ever bought yourself flowers?" "No," he replied. "Go buy yourself flowers," the voice said. "To show you love yourself." So Dagenhart bought flowers. He knew how crazy an idea this was, but he figured the voice he was hearing was the voice of God. Not the God who preaches, but a practical, loving God. This practical God next told Dagenhart to go buy a sex toy. "You are going to be spending some time alone," this voice said. "Because you are not going to be hitting the bathhouse like you used to, go buy a sex toy."

Hey People-who-have-holes-in-yourselves, stop trying to fill it with crystal meth, god, or cock. Stop trying to fill it with a daddy figure. There isn't a god, but if there was, he wouldn't talk to you, and if he did, he wouldn't tell you to buy a dildo. Maybe that metaphorical ass-hole inside of you can't be filled? Did you ever consider that? Maybe it's okay that it can't be filled.

Kids, don't use meth or your fate will be having your life's complexities erased in sappy melodramatic prose by a hackneyed features writer for a large newspaper conglomerate whose tone suggests we just want to understand you but in reality he's saying god told you to buy a dildo???? those crazy gays...

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