May 16, 2024

Farewell, Cheri...


The state senate wrapped up business this morning in a tumultuous end to a session that left bipartisan spittle staining my lapels. The DFL-controlled Senate managed to stave off an amendment to the state constitution banning gay marriage, despite a silent vigil on the on the capitol steps by religious fundaMENTALS. [See? God isn't listening!] The highlight of my morning's digest of the papers was learning Cheri Pierson Yecke has finally been sent packing. Good riddance! Never has the topic of what our kids should learn in school been such an issue! As Commissioner of Education she managed not only to raise the ire of educators all over the state, who soundly disagreed with her proposal, but also to alienate a good portion of her staff. Minnesota has rejected her attempts to brainwash our kids with right-wing ideology, and I applaud the Minnesota Senate in doing the right thing. My guess is she'll now get some cushy job in the Bush administration; that's what happens to right-wing flunkies. After she was fired of course, the republicans in the Senate freaked out. I heard that moron Dick Day quoted on television as blaming her firing on Twin Cities DFLers. "And of course we all know Minneapolis and St. Paul schools suck!" What a carb-face!

Throughout the debates on Yecke, a common barb leveled against Democrats by Republicans was that the Democrats were somehow being sexist in attacking Yecke. Quelle ironic. Yet it was one of Yecke's own supporters, Senator Gen Olson, who took the 'gender wars' to a whole new level of metaphorical inanity and left us with the indelible image of Yecke as a top egg-laying hen that the the other chickens peck to death because they're jealous.

The final debate over the confirmation left Sen. Gen Olson, R-Minnetrista, in tears several times, and other Republicans slamming committee DFLers for trying to sabotage Pawlenty.
Olson, who grew up on a farm, compared Yecke to a top egg-laying hen, which often bleed when laying its eggs. The blood then causes the other chickens to peck the hen to death.
"I never like to see someone treated this way," Olson said.

Thanks for the visual, Gen! I'll never be able to think of Cheri Pierson Yecke as anything other than a bleeding chicken again. Thankfully, I may never have to. Farewell! [note: lest I inflame the gender-sensitive, I've placed Cheri's head on the body of a male chicken, or rooster.]

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