May 22, 2024

Scum Bag Fag Mag

Yes! My order for the first two issues of scum bag fag mag arrived today! Because my order was a bit late, the editors threw in a special treat: three different condoms (Bareback, Beyond Seven, and Pleasure Plus) wrapped tightly by a felt cutout of a man with a smiley face. The full-color mag is bound rougly in tattered pink ribbon, and features a hottie pulling his pants down in a bathroom: "Cory Koons is a big slut."

I love their "editorial statement":

Dearest Scum Bag Fag Mag Reader, We here at Scumbag are elated to present this, our third glorious issue, to all of you gay sluts out there. See, we scumbag fag maggots are slut puppies, too. We like to fuck. WE like to suck. We like to do it with just about anybody. We call it making love, doing the nasty, fuckin' and screwin', suckin' cock, takin' it in the backroom, riding a massive dong... Whatever, it's all just good old fashioned fun for us. We embrace our sluthood. We celebrate slut puppies. That's why we have entitled this very special issue SLUT PUPPY. Yeah, it's a real special issue, dear to our hearts, kind of like a "Very Special Blossom". You faggoty sluts are out there in the trenches fighting for the boys back home. To us, that's definetely something to commemorate on these scrummy pages! You have a very important job to do: keeping the men happy, the cocks hard and the pleasure level at high red alert.

Anyway, you might be wondering right now now, so Asshole, what makes this issue of SBFM called Slut Puppy so special? Well dickhead, I will tell you. We have a hot cover model, Cory Koons, which in and itself is almost enough to make this issue great. However, we give you more. Some dick, some ass, and buttloads of sick, slutty humor. Shit yeah!

Shit yeah is right. I got the second issue too, called "Daddy". I want to collect them all! The copies, while color, are crappy copies, so it's like looking at those faded pornos out in friend Josh's outhouse when we were prepubescents. It's sexy. I only wish there was more penetration. Buy this mag.

Posted by Jason at May 22, 2024 03:23 PM


Cory Koons may be a slut, but he's no puppy.

Posted by: PeeWee at May 22, 2024 10:41 AM
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