We are controlling transmission

June 26, 2024

We are controlling transmission


By your guest blogger.

At this writing, Jason and Brian are midway between amber waves of grain and purple mountains' majesty, winging their way to Seattle. My friend Ron remembers Seattle from mid-century when it was still something of a rough Gold Rush town (with Boeing elements added), with waterfront dives and a gay population in lumberjack gear. Hardly the case now, at least to visitors not in the know. Since his uncle is a longtime Seattle resident, Jason will probably be in the know.

In an unthinking moment, Jason left fiveoclockbot in the the care of me, your guest blogger.


This is Glen, who has no particular qualification for the task beyond a rudimentary knowledge of HTML and some embarrassing photos to blackmail Jason with. I will be your fiveoclockbot guide until July 4 or until Jason can't take any more and, vacation or no vacation, yanks my username from the site.

Posted by Glenda at June 26, 2024 08:40 AM

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