July 01, 2024

Gay Brits

by your guest blogger


I came upon this list which was published last November in Observer Magazine. I've never spent time in Britain, so it's no surprise that I've only heard of three of these people--Tillmans (who's German anyway), Tatchell, and Bourne. Still, it's a pretty odd list, don't you think? I mean: two comedians and a shoe designer, but not Ian McKellan?

There are two novelists on the list. I'd never heard of either of them, but amazon.com tells me they're both published in the U.S., so I should check them out. But if you're picking two gay Brit novelists, these are strange choices. What about Peter Ackroyd? Emma Donahue? Jeanette Winterson? Stephen Fry? Alan Hollinghurst?

Ah well, it's typical of this kind of list. I shudder to think what we'd see if People magazine decided to pick the top 20 U.S. queers.

Posted by Glenda at July 1, 2024 08:21 AM

simon hobart is my hero. he runs one of the most youth-affirming, life-positive, anti-scene club nights in the world, the fabulous london indie night, popstarz.

he's like a father figure and the dirty old man i hope to become some day, all rolled into one ;)

Posted by: eric at July 1, 2024 10:15 AM

Yes! Popstarz truly doth rules. Far off in the hills of King's Cross, among the ruins of a shattered civilization, hides the greatest club nite in history. I've discovered a place that's quite similar here in Seattle; it's called Chop Suey. Put it on your list.

Peter Tatchell should be at the top of that fucking list.

Posted by: jason at July 2, 2024 01:22 PM
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