July 25, 2024

retro beach party


Oh my gawd! Do you guys remember these things? This morning, as I packed for the beach, I figured I wanted to bring along some music. Now, I'm a paranoid swimmer; I'm always afraid some nude hippie is going to walk off with my messenger bag. So, I was loathe to bring my iPod. Then I realized I had one of these things lying around in some shoebox somewhere. A half-hour's scrounging and I located it! How cool that it still works?!?! I forget that these things take batteries, but luckily I had a few in my desk drawer that still had some charge left in them. It's been, like, forever since I've bought BATTERIES!

I got halfway down the block before I realized I had forgotten something important--CD's! Back to the shoebox! It's been forever since I bought a CD! So I was stuck listening to the Indigo Girls and Portishead. It was sooo 1999.

Posted by Jason at July 25, 2024 05:49 PM

I was at a friend's house this weekend and he had an ORIGINAL Sony Discman. It was just like the first one I ever saw - musta been from around 1990. He still uses his. I thought the same thing - about it being so retro.

Posted by: SparklesMpls at July 25, 2024 11:17 PM

Portable disk players are only retro to people who rip off struggling musicians by downloading music rather than purchasing CDs

Posted by: glen at July 26, 2024 12:39 PM
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