July 26, 2024

Dog's Breakfast #2


I know y'all have been peeing your pants in anticipation, so I'm happy to report that Dog's Breakfast #2 is back from the printers! Continuing the tradition set for in DB #1 of bringing together the topics that matter in a fashion that's timely, Dog's Breakfast #2 puts forth the definitive (and often only) word on:

  • the best goddamn hot dogs in Chicago
  • lost lakes of Minneapolis
  • the place where I got mugged
  • the Leyden Street public convenience

Look for both Dog's Breakfasts at Quimby's, Arise, and other fine stockists. Or, send in $2 or a trade to:
Dog's Breakfast
2325 Grand Ave. S.
Apt. 6
Minneapolis, MN 55405

Time to rejoin the real world now.

Posted by Jason at July 26, 2024 04:14 PM


You did a nice job avoiding the sophomore slump. My favorite is the hot dog story. You sick bastard. No one eats that many hot dogs.

Posted by: Aaron at July 28, 2024 11:48 PM
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