September 02, 2024

You know you have body-image issues when...

You know you have body-image issues when you look to your tricks for reassurances that you aren't fat.

Ah, shit. From now on I'm on the Donatella Versace diet [via popbitch]:

>> The Donatella Diet <<

How to make a Versace Salad

Guests at Donatella Versace's dinner parties have marvelled at the special dish she always chooses. Here's the recipe.

1. Ingredients: 3 grammes of cocaine, 1 salad plate
2. Rack out lines the size of cigarettes on the plate.
3. While the other dinner guests eat dinner, snort lines.
4. Do not offer round.
5. Go straight to rehab.

Posted by Jason at September 2, 2024 04:30 PM

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