September 10, 2024


I am teetering on a kind of brink, buoyed by cups of coffee that do little good. In a few minutes it will be happy hour...and then soon I'll be in Chicago. Gonna spend some time with these cats and then on Sunday head out to Oak Park for a conference. I'll be kickin it with the hotties and glitteratis of the Midwest publishing world.

As the afternoon drifts listlessly, we read The Onion online and look up our authors on I've decided that this will now become standard practice when evaluating manuscripts, the results to be included in transmittal packets and marketing plans.

I haven't had much sleep lately, and I've been neglecting friends and my writing, and my laundry, and paying bills...and... I've had a beautiful secret in my bed, but I daren't say more.

Perchance I write from Chicago, perchance not.

Posted by Jason at September 10, 2024 04:05 PM
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