September 16, 2024

The dangers of writing at work

You stayed late at the office last night, working on some poems. Toward the end, you went searching for particular latin term that refers to the part of the penis that engorges with blood during an erection (seriously, it was for a poem!). The term is corpus cavernosa. You scan the line several times, trying in vain to scrub out the unctuous Modernist baggage the latin tone carries . Finally giving up past seven, you skip out of the darkened cubicle farm.

Morning comes, and right off the bat your boss is at your desk with a question. Pulling up your webbrowser, you realize the search string blaring out from your browser: "penis erection biology." Shitfuck. An askance look, but that's it. You promise yourself to either a) start writing poems about palm trees and pears or b) close out your applications before leaving work each night.

Still, employer/emplyee relations could be worse...our prayers are with you, Paul Crouch.

TO: Jason
RE: While you were out...

  • Judy Blume won a National Book Foundation award for her books for teens. While Then Again, Maybe I Won't was a seminal book for me as a kid (pardon the pun), her books dealing with girl-themes had a more profound affect on me. While I couldn't really relate to Tony Miglione's confusing fascination with the female form (though the pressure to shoplift and drink old fogie brandy to impress a cool friend certainly rang true), I certainly could relate to Margaret Simon's body image issues and crises of faith. Congratulations, Judy! You saved us!
  • Looks like Iraq has descended into civil war, right before our very eyes! Odd, didn't see that one coming. Oh yeah, we didn't see that coming because we DIDN'T PLAN ANYTHING. Hopefully we'll be able to ignore this like we're able to ignore Afghanistan.
  • Another hypocritical Republican anti-gay legislator is apparently a cocksucker. Blogactive has the dirt on David Dreier, with BoiFromTroy trying to make us feel sorry for him. "The right is upset that he's too far left and the left is upset that he's too far right, and Congressman David Dreier is caught in the middle." Yeah, caught in the middle of a hot cock sandwich! Poor baby!

Not much sleep last night, but I'm excited for the Scissor Sisters concert tonight at the Fine Line. Sold out. Hopefully, lots of hot queer hipster fags for me to gawk. Andy and Dan, are you guys going to be there? Say hi, bum me a cigarette, we'll drunk beers. I'll be wearing the "I'm blogging this" t-shirt. Kidding.

Posted by Jason at September 16, 2024 11:14 AM


So how was the Scissor Sisters concert?!

Posted by: Addy at September 18, 2024 11:35 AM
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