August 07, 2024

Bits & Bobs

I should have been working on a short story, but instead I put together a summer mix. I'm burning it right now, so it's not entirely theoretical, but it does offer insight into my state of mind. Doing this isn't so bad; I overreacted a bit last week. So, herewith my summer fkd up mix...

1. Unighted ---> Lo-Fi-FNK
2. Music Is the Victim ---> Scissor Sisters
3. World Shut Your Mouth ---> Julian Cope
4. sogone_spizz_blend ---> spizzazzz
5. Cosmic Dancer ---> T-Rex
6. Pain Killer ---> Turin Brakes
7. First of the Gang to Die ---> Morrissey
8. Michael ---> Franz Ferdinand
9. Float On ---> Modest Mouse
10. All Got Our Runnins ---> The Streets
11. Return to Oz ---> Scissor Sisters
12. Between the Bars ---> Madeleine Peyroux
13. Suffer Little Children ---> the Smiths

As you'll see, the arc of the emotional parabola = a particular trajectory of intoxication.

Fun concert tonight at the 7th Street Entry... Best Friends Forever and Tapes n Tapes will be playing. Sadly, it's Best Friends Forever's last show (they're still best friends, but one of them is moving to Germany), and the 'n' of Tapes N Tapes is leaving the band. Sad. But cheap! Only $6 cover.

Posted by Jason at August 7, 2024 02:27 PM

Your Web site is all wonky.

Posted by: Aaron at August 9, 2024 12:44 PM
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