October 10, 2024

Post-debate thoughts: I wanted to choke myself too

I watched the second debate on Friday night with a bunch of fags--one democract, one in-the-middle undecided, and an odd hairy Republican. The best part of the night was the gourmet pizza Aaron fed us.

The most interesting aspect of the debate for me wasn't in how the candidates answered the questions (they actually didn't answer any questions whatsoever), nor was it when Bush asked Charlie Gibson if he "needed some wood." It was a woman in the audience whose complete emotional breakdown through the course of the night mirrored my own.


30:15 Displaying a healthy dose of skepticism, the woman, dressed in a stiff TJ Maxx suit and a Greatclips bob, leans forward as Bush blames the failings in Iraq on the incompetence of his generals. Did he really just say that?


52:02 She covers your eyes. Let's get this straight...Bush has helped the environment by cutting emissions on off-road diesel engines? Yes, hang your head in shame. You probably voted for him the first time around.



1:18:45 Unable to take an ounce more of Bush's petulance school-boy temper-tantrum, the woman attempts to strangle herself on national TV in protest. Bush, seeing a slumped brunette with a horrible haircut in the audience, can only surmise it's Teresa, and winks toward Laura.


1:25:34 But Bush's call for a "culture of life" in this country snaps her out of it. Being an undecided, there wasn't much oxygen reaching her brain in the first place.

Posted by Jason at October 10, 2024 03:18 AM
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