October 13, 2024

Campus Fashion HOT HOT HOT


My friend Marc wandered around the University of Minnesota to photograph the latest campus fashions (he's taking a limp-wristed journalism class). He stumbled across some sort of vigil or something and determined: Diesel jeans are out; black arm bands are in! HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S...note to vigil speakers--purple dress shirts? A moment of silence feels like an eternity when you're staring at a lavender blouse. Get it together!

Posted by Jason at October 13, 2024 10:56 PM

The loser in the lavender blouse is none other than B. David Galt. Now, I'm a "B" because that's my name in the novel that is Jason's life. I didn't choose it. B. David made his up. Who knows what his "B" stands for. As for the Galt part, you guessed it, he was really affected on a deep level by Atlas Shrugged. Who is B. David Galt? Who cares? But I thoroughly enjoyed the fashion critique.

Posted by: B at October 14, 2024 11:19 AM

Diesel jeans and purple shirts are out? There goes my wardrobe. I was going to donate them all to the homeless because I'm such a beautiful person, but I don't want them to be accused of being unfashionable.

Purple blouses are kinda gross.

PS are you going to the Scissor Sisters again in December?

Posted by: Andy at October 15, 2024 05:31 PM
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